PASCAL is an open-source studio system that deals with architectural research adapted to various scales of intervention.

Architecture is a continuous movement of light and shadow that chase each other in the silent narration of passing time. Architecture is life, constantly changing and its goal is to manifest joy found in simplicity. Architecture is "the substance of hope ". It is foreshadowing of a formed future that does not stop projecting forward.

Architecture is a meeting point between architecture and logic. It is both a practical and theoretical discipline that focuses its research on the living man.

Architecture is a silent narration.


Denial of composition.

filippo parroni

I graduated under Franco Purini with summa cum laude with special mention and recommendation for publication of my thesis at the Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia, Università Sapienza of Roma. I worked as an assistant for the Descriptive Geometry course taught by Professor Rocco Sinisgalli and on the architectural design course taught by Professor Architect Paolo Luccioni. Between 2011 and 2013 I alternated between personal research, national and international competitions and experiences in different Italian architectural firms including Ianplus and Archea Associati.

simona scrascia

Monica Cerfeda


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